System Developer Job

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Primary Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Tile: System Developer I

Job Number: 2016-43412

Date Posted: 3-24-2017

Job Summary:

The systems developer is the key development resource and manager of the applications deployed to the organization. They have a deep understanding of current technologies deployed and understand how they support business objectives.

  • Analyze systems software problems and develop technical solutions.
  • Design (based on business requirements), develop, validate and deploy new business capabilities /
  • Translate business designs into technical solutions.
  • Maintain system documentation.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Support development of a software solution by developing/coding from detailed design specifications and configuring software applications based on business requirements.

Support systems design by developing detailed specifications from business requirements.

Support solution deployment and validation by:

  • Participating in system validation and testing (may lead for small projects).
  • Supporting solution integration and user acceptance testing.
  • Providing post implementation support to business.
  • Developing system testing criteria.
  • Deploying based on current SoX and deployment standards.

Drive standards by following development and integration standards.

Drive and adopt new technologies.

Support solutions by staying current on related system solutions and technologies, leading resolution of application related issues, and keeping system documentation current.

Job Specifications:

Customer Focus:

  • Listen first, ask questions second and act on feedback from our customer and associates.
  • Treat each customer as we would want to be treated.
  • Support our front-line associates. See everything we do through their eyes.
  • Provide an inspiring experience.
  • Solicit customer feedback.


  • Meet our commitments and exceed the expectations of others.
  • Establish goals that challenge, stretch and lead to breakthrough performance.
  • Acknowledge our mistakes and embrace the opportunity to improve.
  • Use objectivity and data to make sound decisions.

Integrity - Act honestly and ethically inspiring trust

Quality/Innovation - Committed to quality and innovative excellence in everything you do

Communities - Be responsible to and give back to your communities

Team - Be unified in our purpose and vision

3+ years of relevant experience and 5+ years of IT experience.

Technology/Package implementation experience.

Proficient in more than one development platform/language.
Creation of detailed technical specifications.

Preferred Bachelor Degree in Business Admin, Computer Science, MIS or relevant field.


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Erin, Lead Designer

I really love the people I work with on a daily basis. I think the passion they have for their work

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