Manager - Product Compliance Job

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Primary Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Tile: Manager - Product Compliance

Job Number: 2017-50887

Date Posted: 7-21-2017

Job Summary:
  1. Manage global product compliance by supervising the following
    1. Acquiring in-house information on federal and global regulations that impact product design and formulation.
    2. Identifying the impact of regulations on product design, creating and implementing viable solutions to ensure minimal disruption to business.
    3. Interactions with internal and external partners and government bodies to ensure compliance.
  2. Manage global product registration and clearance at customs by supervising the following
    1. Identifying and determining impact of USA and global regulatory changes on product registration and product shipment.
    2. Resolve regulatory challenges by developing and implementing process changes to ensure legal sale of products.
    3. Function as key point of contact for federal and regulatory bodies and internal partners for product registration.
  3. Develop and implement guidelines to elevate industry standards by the following
    1. Review, evaluate and identify areas of improvement/ that warrant clarity in existing industry guidelines.
    2. Build and establish relationships with industry and regulatory bodies
    3. Collaborate with key leaders in the industry to identify and determine areas for improvement
    4. Develop viable strategies to help elevate standards and collaborate with key partners to implement standards
  4. Manage all activities surrounding product registration, compliance and design globally for external vendors who contract manufacture products at GNC’s manufacturing facilities.
  5. Function as the internal go to expert for upper management, franchisees and other partners on all matters pertaining to product compliance and registration across all geographical markets.
  6. Manage and approve all changes to formulations, etc. to ensure minimal impact to international business. This includes changes to Master Batch records, Master change records, etc and ensuring regulatory compliance of ingredients in products.
  7. Mentor and develop employees to build a strong, productive and competent team to successfully execute upon the above tasks.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Essential Job Functions – With minimal supervision, manage and supervise the following:

Interactions with Product Development, Manufacturing and Franchisees to help design safe and efficacious, compliant products.

  1. Interactions with Product Development, Manufacturing and Franchisees to help design safe and efficacious, compliant products.
  2. Develop and maintain up to date in-house regulatory databases containing information on global regulatory requirements including USA, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Latin America, Asia and Australia.
  3. Interactions with Merchandising, Business Development and Franchise Operations to identify and finalize product assortments for sale in each country. Where applicable, provide recommendations for new products or reformulate existing products to ensure compliance.
  4. Interact with Marketing Department, franchisees and government/ regulatory bodies to develop and approve compliant marketing material, product labels and product specific information.
  5. Procurement and monitoring of global regulatory changes, identify unique challenges and propose solutions to ensure minimal disruption to business.
  6. Collaborate with partners including Product Innovation, Merchandising, Business Development, Marketing, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Franchisees and government agencies in the USA and globally to implement solutions and supervise successful registration of products.
  7. Identify industry and regulatory agencies, develop and establish relationships and keep abreast of emerging regulations. Collaborate with upper management and industry leaders to identify areas for improvement, develop and implement standards to elevate GNC and industry standards.
  8. Manage product design, compliance and registration for select external partners/ customers who contract manufacture their products at GNC’s facility (i.e. non GNC brand products).
  9. Function as a key point person for critical partners including upper management at GNC, external contacts and international franchise owners for matters related to compliance and registration.
  10. Develop an effective and productive team capable of driving product innovation, quality, compliance and registration globally.
  11. Other duties as required.

Job Specifications:


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field and 6+ years of relevant experience.
  • Extensive and thorough knowledge of global regulations as they pertain to dietary supplements, product registration and in supporting export/ import of products internationally. This includes USA, TGA, EFSA, Health Canada, Latin America, and Asia.
  • Expertise in evaluating products for compliance and in developing compliant formulas. Familiarity with regulatory status of ingredients used in dietary supplements.
  • Demonstrated ability to rapidly study and comprehend complex challenges and propose innovative solutions.
  • Demonstrated ability to function independently and successfully manage complex tasks requiring attention to detail.


  • Background in chemistry, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, or international trade laws is preferred.
  • MS in one of the above preferred.
  • Familiarity with CTD (Common Technical Dossiers)

Skills and Abilities

  • Rapid learner, ability to grasp complex challenges.
  • Ability to adapt quickly and work on multiple diverse projects.
  • Strong collaborative and relationship building skills required.
  • Self-reliant, flexible and highly motivated, innovative thinker
  • Knowledge of foreign languages is preferred
  • Experience working in foreign markets is preferred
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and leadership skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills; must be able to communicate with international associates.
  • Basic computer skills required to generate correspondence and analysis and prepare reports.
  • Supervisory/ mentoring experience

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Yes

Work Environment / Travel / Physical Demands

  • Normal office environment
  • No physical demands
  • Minimal travel as necessary

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this job. This job description reflects management’s assignment of essential job functions, which are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required.

GNC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Protected Veterans/Disabled Individuals Employer.

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