Machine Operator - Hardshell Job

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Primary Location: Greenville, SC

Job Tile: Machine Operator - Hardshell

Job Number: 2017-51871

Date Posted: 8-11-2017

Job Summary:

Responsible for breaking-down, cleaning, tooling, running, and monitoring a Hardshell encapsulation machine such that all quality and/or customer specifications are achieved in an effective and efficient manner.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare encapsulation equipment for use, to include:
  • Following SOPs, clean all encapsulation equipment, tooling and rooms.
  • Get next scheduled product from operation specialist.
  • Gather all necessary paperwork to manufacture the next scheduled lot.
  • Verify product for use, to include:
  • Verify that the correct blend has been staged in the room.
  • Verify the correct capsules have been staged in the room.
  • Manufacture hardshell capsules, to include:
  • Follow the batch record instructions to manufacture the capsules
  • Document all processing steps in the batch record
  • Monitor and graph physical characteristics of capsules per SOP
  • Make adjustments as necessary to keep all parameters in specification
  • Inspect capsules during manufacturing for defects
  • Reconcile the final bulk product
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Support training of new operators.
  • Overtime as required.
  • Knowledge and compliance of company policies and SOP’s.
  • Knowledge and understanding of all of the cGMP’s relating to this position.

Job Specifications:

Education and Experience

High school diploma or equivalent.

Must complete the operator certification program within 6 months.

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Good math and reading skills.

The ability to follow directions and work with minimal supervision.

Accuracy and attention to detail required.

Some mechanic ability helpful.

Supervisory Responsibilities


Physical Demands

Must be able to lift and maneuver weights up to 20 kg.

Must be able to work in a dusty environment with a wide range of raw materials.

Personal Protective Equipment

As required by batch record and SOPs, which may include: Dust masks, gloves, goggles, and hearing protection

Work Environment


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