Customer Service Account Manager - Sales Job

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Primary Location: Greenville, SC

Job Tile: Customer Service & Sales Account Coordinator

Job Number: 2015-36699

Date Posted: 10-21-2016

Job Summary:

The Account Coordinator assists the Account Manager in providing all support functions related to assigned customer requirements. Primary responsibilities include order processing and maintenance, customer documentation requirements, reporting of key matrix information, and general administrative functions

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Process incoming orders and enter them into the system. Process through production/planning, discuss shipping dates with customer, process through inventory control to ensure that the orders have been entered correctly. Download order confirmations for the customer.

Review the open order reports each morning and obtain information from manufacturing regarding product that is ready to ship.

Process all orders due to ship on a pick list every morning, instruct shipping department on all orders that are ready to ship by providing them with the pertinent information such as order number, due date, item number, price, etc.

Follow up with soft gel or tablet if product is ready but not bulk packed to insure that the product will be ready to ship on time.

Follow up with manufacturing as the ship date approaches, and notify customer of any problems or delays of shipments.

Obtain certificate of analysis for each shipment form QA, and fax a copy to the customer.

Assist account managers by typing up all purchase orders, ensuring they are entered into the system correctly. Make sure the prices, address, item numbers, and quantity are correct on all orders. Responsible for putting orders on the pick list when product is ready, and making sure it is shipped. Helping account managers with any request a customer may have such as product samples, certificate of analysis, printing out price sheet, open order reports, adding new and existing item codes, adding or changing prices

Maintain daily communications with the customers providing them with information such as following up on any back orders, and contact customer when product can be delivered.

Insure that every customer has received certificate of analyses for each item shipped. Notify QC of any stability testing or any other testing the customer may require on the C of A.

Resolve any complaints from customers concerning ship dates or other shipping problems, product shortages, pricing discrepancies, missing paperwork, and any other problems as they arise.

Keep documentation of all pertinent information, such as all invoices, pricing changes, problem situations. Keep a file of all correspondence, notes, pending orders, and special instruction that a customer may require.

Assist brokers by providing information on customer order cancellations, if customer is on credit hold, open order reports, any request that a customer may have such as sending out product samples, product specification sheets, obtaining price quotation, product availability, etc.

Follow up on any discrepancies, price change, correct billing and ship to address, special instructions, etc.

Assist Director of Sales/Customer Service with any duties he may have: spreadsheet with customer information, printing A pages, typing memos, research information concerning customer requests. Print out daily shipping log, and weekly BWE report-distribute copies to sales and product/planning

Job Specifications:

Education and Experience:

High school diploma required. At least 1 year customer service experience required 2 years preferred.

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Ability to work independently and be a team player. Ability to handle multiple projects at one time. Ability to work within a specified timeframe. Routine contact with departments relating with Third Party Sales. Maintain a good working relationship with Third Party Customers and brokers. Microsoft Office experience required.

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